Madan Puraskar Nominees


By Nayanraj Pandey

This book is about friendship, sensitivity and humility and it shows the "gray areas" of friendship. 








By Yangesh

Journalist Yangysh’s debut book, Bhuinya, is a collection of 12 nonfiction narratives about the marginalised and downtrodden populace across Nepal’s southern plains. It is a compilation of extraordinary stories of ordinary people.







Lumbini Gaun

By Raj Manglaak

Ths poetry book reflects on the western part of Nepal's Limbu community and their society, their culture and traditions. 







Himali Darshan

By Mohan Baidya

Written by C.P.N Maoist Leader, this philosophical book is created from his own vision. 








By Dhurba Satya Pariyaar

This book is a collection of twelve stories that discusses modern society written in a powerful language. 








By Saraswati Pratikshya

Nathiya is a nepali fiction written by Saraswati Pratikshya about Nepali women at different parts of the far-western region.







By Neelam Karki Niharika

Yogmaya is a nepali fiction written by Neelam Karki Niharika.  Based on Yogama's life, the struggle for the end of every kind of discrimination in the society is included in the novel.







By Tirtha Gurung

Pathshala is a story of a teenager told in his own voice. The book tells the story of an urban teenager and encapsulates the elements of his social life—friends, family, school. It is a straightforward story that puts light on what it is like to be an adolescent growing up in the city, and the ups and downs that accompany the age. Even though adolescence is one of the most important phases in a human’s life, there have only been a few works that explore it.