Learn Japanese

Origins of Japanese language is grounded in mystery and confusion. Many historians link it with Chinese characters, however, no clear links have been established.

Japanese use three writings, Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji.  In Japanese, Japan is called Nihon and the Japanese language is called Nihongo. Japanese words have short body and prefix, suffix to make new words.

We present books here that will help anyone interested in this culture to master this language.


Byawaharik Japanese Bhasha

By Shreebahadur Khatri , Tilak Malla

Practical Japanese Language, a book that illustrates an introduction ot japan, its language and culture.






Japanese Conversation & Basic Words

This work was originally designed to help people of Nepali and Japanese origin interested in travelling, trekking, climbing and the like. It contains two sections: the first part has words and sentences of common use in daily life. The second part is a 'dictionary of basic Japanese words'.

This book should be a useful companion for the beginners who have a little bit of knowledge in English.






Japanese Bhasaguru (Japanese Language Teacher)

By Unnati Bhusal

Japanesese Bhasaguru (Japanese Language Teacher) is an easy guide to learn Japanese that teaches Hirangana, Katakana and Kanji alphabets, words and sentences along with various exercises to help you excel in the language. 






Japani Bhasa Bolou

By Pradhyumna Lal Newa

This book is a guide to learn japanese from Nepali. The book consists of Japanese characters, writting along with things to take notice while seeking employment abroad in Japanese speaking countries.






Japani Bhasha Adhyayan

By Guna Raj Luitel , Khem Adhikari

This book is one of the those available in the market to learn Japanese easily. The book contains Japanese grammar, pronunciation, roman translations with English and Nepali languages.







Saral Japanese Bhasha

This book is an easy guide to learn Japanese that teaches Hirangana, Katakana alphabets along with an introduction to the attractions of the country.







Upayogi Japanese Bhasha

By Niranjan Acharya

This book is an easy guide to learn Japanese in a simple manner. Chapters are divided from basic parts that includes Hiragana, Katakana rules and letters, followed by chapters that deals in grammar.