Plants and People of Nepal

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Plants and People of Nepal

By Narayan P. Manandhar

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  • ISBN: 9780881925272
  • Publisher: Timber Press Inc.
  • First Publish Year: 2002
  • Cover: Hard Back
  • Category: Anthropology
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 599
  • Weight(gms): 2200
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Narayan P. Manandhar has spent decades in a firsthand study of the riches of Nepal's flora and the human uses thereof. He has conducted field research on foot in all 75 districts of Nepal in a lifelong effort to record the utilization of plants for food and medicine as well as diverse other applications. The result is "Plants and People of Nepal," his magnum opus, in which he describes the uses made of an astonishing 1400+ species, equal to perhaps one-fifth of the entire flora. This indigenous wisdom is dying with the older generation, so we are fortunate that Manandhar has rescued this ethnobotanical heritage for his fellow Nepalese and, indeed, all who are concerned about the wealth of knowledge to be obtained from this fascinating country and its flora. More than 800 drawings by the author illustrate the text.


Narayan P. Manandhar