The Snow Leopard (Vintage)

  • The Snow Leopard (Vintage)

The Snow Leopard (Vintage)

By Peter Matthiessen

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A writer by profession and explorer by heart, Peter Matthiessen along with a field biologist, George Schaller set out on the journey of a lifetime in the year 1973, to the Crystal Mountain on the Tibetan plateau. While the exploration aimed to study the wild blue sheep, they secretly aspired to spot the snow leopard - a rare animal that is found along these regions. What follows is an account of an adventurous journey, across the length and breadth of the mountains, in the heart of wilderness, and it has been quoted to be a true pilgrimage.

The Snow Leopard transports its readers to the Himalayan mountains, as the author mesmerises you with his words. He recounts his journey in each chapter of the book, and the book is an engaging travel book. The Snow Leopard was first published in 1978. It is available in paperback and was published by RHUK in 1998.

Key Features:

This book is the winner of a National Book Award in the category of Contemporary Thought in 1979, and National Book Award winner for Nonfiction in 1980.
It is listed as one of the best travel books ever written, and appears in World Hum's ten most celebrated books.

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