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Princess Bhrikuti Devi

By Min Bahadur Shakya

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Renowned scholars such as Tucci, Wylie, Regmi and Bacot have long thought this Nepalese princess was a mythological figure only.

Now, exciting and compelling evidence reveals that Bhrikuti Devi was indeed a historical princess in the 7th Century, given in marriage to a Tibetan king and subsequently changed the course of Himalayan history by introducing Buddhism from Nepal.

Although her marriage was not recorded in texts outside Tibet, Bhrikuti Devi nevertheless became a great woman in her own right by propagating Buddha Dharma. This remarkable woman was also responsible for the construction of the first ancient temples in both Tibet and Bhutan, including the famous jokhang and Potala temples in Lhasa.

A fascinating biography for anyone interested in the history of Nepal and Tibetan Buddhism and a dynamic feminist personality of the Licchavi period.


Min Bahadur Shakya