Birds of Nepal (Field Ecology, Natural History and Conservation)

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Birds of Nepal (Field Ecology, Natural History and Conservation)

By Tej Prakash Shrestha

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In the simplest language, but with all accurate observation the author describes the fascinating world of bird life in the remote Himalayan kingdom of Nepal. This wonderful book will stimulate an interest in all the birds from the tiny flower-pecker to majestic bearded vulture with their unbelievable beauty and charm. Here one can read about the breathtakingly beautiful Himalayan pheasants, rosefinches, sunbirds, buntings, accentors, snow partridge, the flight of birds and miracle of migration, sad songs of barbets, wandering voices of cuckoos, the strange story of honey-guides, nesting and egg laying and a thousand of other facts and phenomena as thrilling as fairy tales. There are equally interesting sections of bird ecology, wetland birds and wildfowls, pet birds and birds recorded in folkart and religion. One can also read about the Spiny babbler, the living miracles of Nepal and other countless colourful birds living in the native thickets of Nepal. Remember, there are others like it, all equally interesting and full of wonderful photographs taken by the author himself in the wild. One will, moreover, learn about the deepest secrets of bird life and can build up a nature library of one's own with the help of best-loved bird watchers and naturalists of Nepal.


Tej Prakash Shrestha