Ancient and Medieval Nepal: A Set of Three Volumes

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  • Medieval Nepal Volume 1 & 2, Ancient Nepal
  • Medieval Nepal Volume 1 & 2, Ancient Nepal
  • Medieval Nepal Volume 1 & 2, Ancient Nepal

Ancient and Medieval Nepal: A Set of Three Volumes

By Dilli Raman Regmi

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Volume 1: Early Medieval Period 750-1530 A.D

Volume 2: A History of the Three Kingdoms 1520 A.D. to 1768 A.D

About The Book Ist Volume

The first of a two-part series on Medieval Nepal, this volume deals with the period following the decline of the Licchavi dynasty, which witnessed little growth in the geographical or administrative power of the Nepalese state. This is arguably the least understood time in Nepal’s history, and the author with only a few inscriptional sources supplemented by some dated religious manuscripts has tried to bring to light Nepal as it was at that time.

Included in the book are descriptions of the Kathmandu Valley and surrounding valleys as a single political unit; religious foundations: developments that suggest the founding of a new dynasty; and the introduction of early Newari, the language of the Newar people in the valley. Medieval Nepal is a thorough research of the era, a treat for both students as well as researchers.

About The Book IInd Volume

In this, the second of his two-part series on Medieval Nepal, Dr. Regmi encompasses the period from the later Mallas till the mid-eighteenth century. Medieval Nepal II deals with the complete flowering of the unique culture of the Kathmandu Valley which occurred during this period. The kings still based their legitimate rule on their role as protectors of dharma, and often they were devout donors to religious shrines. Gems of late medieval art and architecture, the older temples of Nepal were built during this late Malla period. Buddhism remained a vital force for much of the population, especially in its old seat of Patan. Long-term support of traditional forms of worship or ritual was supported by land donation; this support resulted in the preservation of a conservative art, architecture, and religious literature that had disappeared in other areas of South Asia. Newari was in regular use as a literary language along with the main language in urban areas and trading circles based in the Kathmandu Valley. Anyone interested in the complete history of Nepal cannot ignore this detailed book.

This volume also includes source materials. Included in these are details of inscriptions, chronicles and diaries of the era, which have helped him piece together a past shrouded in mystery.

About The Book III Volume

Ancient Nepal is a journey through Nepal’s past, presenting the history of this great nation from the earliest times. It deals with various aspects of early society, religion, literature as an effective measure in society, the development of architecture, the caste system, astronomy and its uses, social life and political invasions. The author has presented the nation’s chequered history with meticulous regard to authenticity of facts.

Ancient Nepal has deftly touched upon differing views on controversial matters, pinpointing the most likely scenario in an objective manner. The book meets the long-felt need of a nationalist, yet independent, appraisal of our past in a concise manner. It avoids the preconceived notions of foreign historians and their blind followers, at the same time avoiding undue glorification of the past.


Dilli Raman Regmi