Artha-Rajneetik Bimarsha

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Artha-Rajneetik Bimarsha

By Baburam Bhattarai

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  • ISBN: 9789937734271
  • Publisher: Sangri-La Books
  • First Publish Year: 2077
  • Edition: 1
  • Cover: Paper Back
  • Category: Non-Fiction
  • Language: Nepali
  • Pages: 268
  • Weight(gms): 250
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With the third decade of the 21st century, there are signs of great political, economic and social turmoil in Nepal and around the world. The ruling class have not been able to find the right identity and solution to the problem. The old parties and those seeking an alternative new power are also caught up in the current stalemate and inconsistency. Baburam Bhattarai has started ideological debate through semantic-political discussions. This book will provide much needed reference material and intellectual food to political activists, development aspirants, policy makers and especially curious youth from all walks of life.


Baburam Bhattarai