• Shabari


By Baldev Majgaiya

Book details

  • ISBN: 9789937939447
  • Publisher: Shami Sahitya Pratisthan
  • First Publish Year: 2077
  • Edition: 1
  • Cover: Paper Back
  • Category: Fiction
  • Language: Nepali
  • Pages: 112
  • Weight(gms): 150
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The novel Shabari, dedicated to the engineers of social reform, is accepted as a new achievement in the novel genre of Nepali literature. The Shabar people, who claim to be the descendants of Shabari, the mother of the Treta era, still live in the village of Vakal in the Dandakaranya forest of South India. When a religious program is organized in that area, it is still customary to invite the descendants of Shabari.


Baldev Majgaiya