The Call of Nepal

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The Call of Nepal

By J. P. Cross

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"No one is more qualified to talk about the history of Nepal than Colonel John Philip Cross.... In his book, The Call of Nepal, Cross portrays his profoundly personal journal, as he terms it, rooted not only in the physical - but deeply in the mental, emotional and spiritual.

During his lifetime Cross has long practiced linguistic and cultural immersion in Nepal both personally, and in the context of his time with the Gurkhas in what today's military analysts must clearly see as an integral component of military success. But with today's military pace, the time to achieve the depth of Cross's insight is not always affordable.

A pioneer in many respects, Cross saw fluency and correct use of language not only as a tactical weapon but also as a vital, literally, element of command. It is this depth of knowledge, which also comes from understanding, living, and being part of Nepalese history that makes him and his writing such an invaluable resource."


J. P. Cross