Nepal : The most complete travel guide to Nepal

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Nepal : The most complete travel guide to Nepal

By David Ways

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Nepal is an epic country filled with unique cultures, exhilarating adventures, the world's best trekking routes and some of the friendliest people on earth. This comprehensive secondedition guide to Nepal will take you through independent step-by-step cultural heritage walks around mystical valleys, up into worldfamous Himalayan mountain trails, all the way into dense steamy wildlife filled jungles to the south and out into the rarely explored far eastern part of the country.

For over a decade www.thelongestwayhome. com has been the world's most trusted and popular online guide to Nepal with original content not found anywhere else. Now this innovative, in-depth second-edition book brings you the very best Nepal has to offer in a factual, honest and practical way like no other guidebook before. Go beyond, travel to discover the real Nepal and make the most of your trip of a lifetime with this groundbreaking guidebook.


David Ways