Hindu Mythology

  • Hindu Mythology

Hindu Mythology

By W.J. Wilkins

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Hindu Mythology is an authoritative and exhaustive account of the Hindu gods and goddesses commonly worshipped in India.Written in the nineteenth century,it documents the origins and characteristics of these gods,along with the myths and legends that gathered around them .It describes deities from the ancient Vedic era to those of the more modern Puranic age.The lesser deities,demons,sacred birds,animals and trees that are accorded divine significance in the scriptures are also dealt with in the book.Illustrations of the main deities following traditional iconography have also been included. This classic of mythology builds a complete picture of the Hindu pantheon,with so many gods and goddesses,even the most devout find it difficult to remember all of them.In this classic book they are presented together in a single volume,with each one identified and brought to vivid life for the benefit of the reader.


W.J. Wilkins