Maile Dekheko Nepal (Nepali Translation - Vignettes of Nepal)

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Maile Dekheko Nepal (Nepali Translation - Vignettes of Nepal)

By Harka Gurung

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Harka Gurung was the foremost and prolific Nepali scholar who wrote extensively on Nepal. In the book ‘Vignettes of Nepal,’ he gives an overall picture of Nepal of the 60-80’s based on extensive travel he did throughout the country in different capacities. It is essentially a travelogue of a geographer but it is much more than a detailed geographic account of the hills, mountains, and plains of Nepal. He brings in the richness of socio-anthropological accounts, religious/cultural/historical facts along with a plethora of geographical details. It provides an insider’s perspective and insights on the socio-economic-cultural changes and development efforts which the Nepalese society was witnessing then. Caste discrimination, backwardness, sociopolitical inequalities present themselves subtly throughout the book for the discerning reader.

Harka Gurung