Thus Spoke Zarathustra

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Thus Spoke Zarathustra

By Fredrich Nietzsche

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After spending a decade in a cave on the mountains, the prophet Zarathustra comes down and begins talking to people. He believes that God is dead, and preaches about the Superman who has surpassed the notions of good and evil and embraced the idea of eternal recurrence. Reflecting on the Nietzschean philosophy, Zarathustras sermons and discourses expound the concepts of will to power, the bermensch (Superman), eternal return, radical perspectivism, problem of nihilism, and individualism among others. One of the most influential and popular works of Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra was an inspiration for many. Intense and insightful, this philosophical novel remains a literary masterpiece.......


Fredrich Nietzsche