Mero Jeevan Yatra: Hasta Bahadur Thapa

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Mero Jeevan Yatra: Hasta Bahadur Thapa

By Hasta Bahadur Thapa

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The book illustrates the life and times of Music expert Hasta Bahadur Thapa, born in a very remote village of Syangja district, who went on to serve in the British Gorkha of the British Army for 28 years. Later in 2034 BS, he joined Nepal Police as a music instructor. Earlier he had published books —  ‘Saral Sangeet Gyan Mala ra Paramparagat Bigul Dhunharu’, ‘Basic staff notations and Nepali festival, norms and cultural tunes’, and others aimed at imparting knowledge about music and its intricacies to music enthusiasts.


Hasta Bahadur Thapa