Lost Horizon

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Lost Horizon

By James Hilton

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The plane lurches preposterously, dodging jagged, soaring, snow-draped peaks, its four kidnapped passengers waiting for the final crunching crash.

A crystal mountain shines, iridescent in the moonlight, and in its shadow lies a towering crag painted with a ghostly blue-roofed hermitage, a monastery of mystic dimensions.

Lost Horizon is a riveting good yarn about a hidden paradise on earth, a hidden Shangri-La. It has become a classic novel.

But does Shangri-La really exist?

Is this heavenly abode of peace a dream or a reality?

There are some interesting truths below the surface of this intriguing, gripping yet charming fairytale. That Shangri-La exists in the mind is not in doubt, but can anyone reach the pinnacles of this remote and distant land, where peace is king and demons are banished to the depths of the earth?


James Hilton