Vanishing Ethnicity, Cultures and Languages of Nepal

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Vanishing Ethnicity, Cultures and Languages of Nepal

By Lal Shyakarelu Rapacha

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Most of the essays in this anthology have observed change, i.e. the transformation of identity amongst the Kiranti people in the rugged hills of eastern Nepal. Their ethnic, linguistic, cultural and sociopolitical metamorphosis seems like that of Gregor Samsa's physical metamorphosis in Franz Kafka's fiction. All their original ethno-identity has been metamorphosed into exo(ethno) -nyms like Mukhiya (Mukhia, Sun(u)war, Bhujuwar, Pirthwar, Surel), Rai (Jimee, Jimi). Subba and Dewan (Majhiya) and so on. Almost for 200 years of service (since the Anglo-Nepal War 1814-16) for the British Queen, Country, People and the Union Jack, they have another new metamorphosis of identity, e. g., the imperial term 'Gurkha' from Gorakhnath and Gorkha(li). Recently, a road's neonym has also been born as 'Gurkha Road' al Blandford Forum, UK.


Lal Shyakarelu Rapacha