Nepali Musicmakers

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Nepali Musicmakers

By Peter J. Karthak

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  • ISBN: 9789937597456
  • Publisher: Himal Kitab/Books
  • First Publish Year: 2018 AD
  • Edition: 1st
  • Cover: Paper Back
  • Category: Auto/ Biography
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 208
  • Weight(gms): 300
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This book is an accidental product, an incidental result... Two of my other long-form pieces appear for the first time in this book ... They are, 'Other Encounters: Darjeeling' and 'Other Encounters: Kathmandu.' These twin folios mention and highlight those Nepali music makers - many past by now and quite a few still practicing their crafts, of two musical crucibles, one in the town of Darjeeling and the other in the capital city of Kathmandu.

This book is a collection of my personal reminiscences and not a set of historical records in any given sense. My narratives, therefore, don't cite exact days, dates, months and years per se ... However, a cursory mention of essential timelines has been made where applicable.

- Peter J. Karthak


Peter J. Karthak